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Bill Muller

Renaissance Mgmt. Las Vegas, NV



Best Operations Team

Nominated by

Darlene Cooper, Renaissance Management, Las Vegas

In 1989, Sonny Ciferni and Steve Johnson, with the help of several loyal peers in the tradeshow industry, laid the groundwork for Renaissance Management, Inc. As skilled and experienced l&D professionals, Sonny and Steve created a vision for a labor management company that would facilitate professional relationships and provide superior customer service.

Thirty years later, Renaissance Management, Inc. continues to be a forerunner in the l&D industry with operations management teams in every major market in the U.S. This year, Renaissance Management, Inc. would like to nominate for the 2019 ACE Awards an operations management team that is unrivaled in its workload, customer service, positive union relationships and overall success.

The Renaissance Operations Management Team in Las Vegas is a reflection of the vision Sonny and Steve had when incorporating their own l&D company 30 years ago. As the hub for all West Coast operations, our Las Vegas management team plans and executes over half of our nationwide, annual business. Director of Operations for the West Coast Region, Bill Muller, takes great pride in the quality of work his team provides and expects all team members to abide by standard operating procedures. Las Vegas Operations Manager Ben Buranek is responsible for planning and mobilizing labor throughout the city of Las Vegas, a task that--for anyone familiar with the number of tradeshow and event venues is Las Vegas--is daunting. As office managers, Liza Romano and Iliana Aguilar have a to-do list that could rival War and Peace. They ensure we follow all union rules and maintain positive relationships with the union, prepare all billing, payroll and show documents for floor managers, adjust labor calls, check all paperwork before final invoicing and keep the boys in line.

Floor managers, Jim Martin, Bernie Boyd and Doug Stone execute the game plans every day on the court. Arriving on site as early as 6:30 a.m., they supervise our labor crews and interact with clients to ensure a successful install & dismantle. Their floor support staff includes Ashlynn Peralta, Sharnel Guy and Kim McKeen, who are responsible for on-site administrative duties, including billing and payroll. Warehouse Manager Darrell Heckler and runners, Brett Leone and Todd Vanderwalker, manage all equipment---ladders for DAYS-and special client requests ranging from grocery pickups to UPS & FedEx deliveries.

Client Testimonials:

I can’t say enough good about the Renaissance Las Vegas Team. They are fast, efficient, always ready to solve problems and never complain about what needs to get done – they just do it! From the office staff to the floor managers to the labor coordinators and the carpenters – we always get top notch service. We have had many issues on show site and all it takes is a call and there is a team of people on it to give us solutions and the issues always get remedied! These guys and women deserve all the accolades possible!!!  --Joe Talarico, Services Coord., Spoon Events, Rochester, NY

As you know I have been working with Renaissance Management in Las Vegas for 20 plus years. Many of the lead men have become like family to me. The one thing that stands out to me the most is the attention that the management and floor managers provide to all of the clients. Whether in preshow calls to discuss labor or on the show floor. If something is needed it is always no problem. I have worked with several other labor partners and none provide the same level of service. I look forward to many more years of working together. --Chris Littlefield  BlueHive Exhibits | Events | Interiors  Portsmouth, NH

I always love working with the Las Vegas Renaissance team. I feel 100 percent covered and taken care of every show set up and dismantle. They keep us informed at all times and continually have solutions when we hit challenges. I know that no matter what obstacle, I’m in very good hands with my lead and team. I also really appreciate the level of presence each city manager brings to the job. They check in often to make sure we are hitting out hours and if they can help in anyway. I would consider a few of the guys personal friends after all these years working together. A+ Vegas!   --Hayley Harmon  Derse Account Manager

In our industry it’s about service.... over the last 25 years several times I have had to lean on Renaissance Vegas to perform miracles from rotating a finished exhibit to meeting a shipment at 2 a.m. Happy to say so these requests--no matter how far out--have always been answered with a ‘no problem, we can do that.’ A benchmark of service between two companies working together for a common good. Help our client achieve greatness!  --Sean Nolan, The Exhibit House, Indianapolis, Ind.

Year after year it remains a pleasure to work with Bill, Liza, Illiana, Ben and the Renaissance crew. There is always something exciting and new that Renaissance brings with an energetic team effort to the Las Vegas convention industry. Each of them has a style that emanates as they provide professional and skilled services to exceed the clients’ needs for each individual show along with the crew from Teamsters 631 that provides excellent customer service and professionalism with the client and their booths that always brings an unforgettable experience. --Julie Morgan, administrative assistant & dispatcher, So. NV Teamsters 631 Convention Training

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