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Will Goza Rookie ShoLink pix 1 headshot.

Why Will Goza deserves the ACE: Ready, WILLing and Able--From show one and every show since, Will showed up early with a great attitude and well prepared, to this day I have yet to see him without his tool pouch carrying a pen, sharpie, tape measure, knife and multi-tool.  He has treated everyone on the show floor with respect and has executed every task we and our clients have asked with attention to detail and a smile on his face. He checks every box in someone you want as new employee and we are fortunate to have him on our team.--Jim Genzano, regional & divisional director, ShoLink

Co-worker Testimonial:

William Goza has always shown enthusiasm and a thirst for learning all things tradeshow. He has been an invaluable part of my team with abilities to perform jobs above his skill level. I recommend Will Goza to receive the Rookie of the year award.--Leandra Spontak, Southern California city manager

Client Testimonials:

I’m glad to hear you’ll be nominating Will Goza for an ACE Award. Will made quite the impression last year. I look forward to working with him again. Will represents himself with the professionalism of a much more experienced carpenter. He is a great addition to an already impressive team.--Alex Laama, account manager, Derse, Waukegan, Ill., re: Andis/ISSE 2018 - Long Beach Convention Center

Thanks so much for the top notch guys you put on my P66 booth at Scheduler’s and Dispatchers.  I have to say I really enjoy working with you and your team in Long Beach.  You and your crews are definitely one of the best in the Sho Link network! Thanks so much! --Melissa Kenny, account manager, Derse, Las Vegas, NV, re: P66 Crew at Scheduler’s and Dispatchers, Long Beach Convention Center

Nominated by
Will Goza



Sho-Link, Lake Forest, Illinois

Jim Genzano, ShoLink, Lake Forest, Ill.


"I've known Dan for three years and I worked on projects with him and he is by far and away the best Ace and lead. Everyone just loves him from the client to the crew—he is a valued asset for Nth Degree."

Client Testimonial:

"Dan is consistently incredibly (better than especially) HELPFUL. He knows his customers and what is important to us and always ensures that we are satisfied with everything. He's a superstar."—Trade Show Manager Millipore Sigma who Facebooked that testimonial on Feedback Friday, Feb. 8, 2019.

Nominated by
Dan Pienta



Sho-Link, Lake Forest, Illinois

Nominated by: Issa Tadros, USW Local 17, Chicago Ridge, Illinois

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